What sports to do in Brussels?

What sports to do in brussels?

Currently, sports activities are very popular in all countries of the world. Indeed, sport is a trendy activity for its benefits on health and morale. Even in Belgium, precisely in its capital Brussels, sport is a common practice. A long list of sports exists in Brussels, including field field hockey, martial arts, scuba diving, running […]

How to dress to go paintballing?

Paintball is an activity as original as trendy. Dressing coveniently is especially important to have fun. ➤ Find out here how to dress to go paintball !

Clearly, just like airsoft, paintball is a very famous practice recently; it is an activity that combines sports leisure and discipline. Indeed, it is an activity that involves a lot of physical activity on the field, and moreover it is a team sport that requires a commando strategy in order to reach the victory. The […]

How to protect yourself in paintball?

How to protect yourself in paintball?

Nowadays, paintball is a trendy activity all over the world for its very physical way of playing. In concrete terms, paintball is many things at once, it combines field sport, recreation, and discipline. In short, the principle is to shoot each other with a shooting equipment including a gun loaded with paintballs, and all players […]

Why play paintball?

Are you a fan of adventures and participative games? Paintball is for you. In France, this activity sets up scenarios where two teams will compete. By using shooting balls, players will eliminate each other and confront each other on terrains like in the woods. By using a well-developed strategy, the player can easily integrate the […]

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