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Our playful approach to our activities will allow your employees to strengthen the collegial bonds. Communication is essential for the smooth running of your business.
Therefore, choose our activities based to strengthen group cohesion, to shine during your team building and guarantee a successful return to work🙂

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  • half day from 600€ TTC
  • full day from 1000€ TTC
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A fun activity such as paintball is ideal for a team building day. The improvement of the performance of the company lies in its employees. This is why the entrepreneur is looking at all costs for an effective method to improve the work environment of his team. In order to better help you, we are going to define what paintball team building is. Then answer the questions of Internet users: why choose this activity? And how do you choose the right place to practice it?

Paintball is first of all a sport that can be practiced by everyone. It is a game requiring good communication and collaboration. Indeed, the game is between two opposing teams on an outdoor or indoor ground. But unlike basketball or baseball, players will throw paintballs at each other. This fun and thrilling game consists of throwing paintballs using a launcher at the opponent in order to eliminate them. These balls are harmless like Airsoft balls. After this first part, the second consists of protecting a flag and bringing it back to your camp or protecting a member of your team. It is then a strategy game like laser game which requires cooperation and cohesion to win. Thus, it can be practiced during seminars, a gift idea for birthdays, bets between friends or even bachelor parties for young girls or young boys adjustable according to the estimate.

Team building is a method that consists of carrying out a collective activity on the ground or in the room. It aims to promote communication and strengthen cohesion between the employees of a company. This improvement of the working environment is essential for the good of the company. The team building then takes place outside the company in the form of challenge games between the employees.

A paintball team building day is then a sporting activity intended for friends for a birthday as well as for work colleagues for better sensations. It is best recommended by business managers to achieve goals.

A team building event is beneficial to the company and its team. While promoting solidarity, these games aim to strengthen collegial ties between company members. Even if it is a sporting activity that does not require any particular skill from each person, this animation requires good integration and a great team spirit on the part of the participants. Each person is useful in this participative professional seminar. It is also ideal for bachelor parties but also for birthdays. This activity then has the power to develop team spirit as well as to reinforce the cohesion. This event also consists of strengthening the links between the employees of a company. In addition, the estimate is easy and fast. By improving relationships, employees thrive and subsequently contribute to the optimization of productivity. Improving the skills of a company’s employees consists of reducing stress at work and improving communication. It is also a better way to retain employees through the involvement of managers in the well-being at work of their employees as well as their sense of belonging. What could be better than a well-equipped Team Building paintball event with paintballs for a good atmosphere and to make the atmosphere at work more pleasant. These games are increasingly practiced in Europe, particularly in France (Paris, Lyon) and Brussels. This activity is the best choice for a good motivation and optimization of life and thus to increase the performance of companies.

The success of an event lies in professionalism. Calling on the professionals will be beneficial for your activities. A professional and well-trained instructor can wow you with imaginative scenarios. Different forms of scenarios can be adopted to make the game more fun, such as “Escape game”, “President’s escort” or “Humans Vs Zombie”. In addition to an organizer who builds incredible adventures with you, also opt for one who cares about your safety and supervision during your games. Thus, paintball equipment is essential for thrills:

  • Body protection,
  • A protective mask,
  • Camouflage overalls
  • A lacer
  • Marbles

The best place to practice this activity must be well equipped and has offers per person and per team. If you are in Belgium, 13 wonderful outdoor and indoor paintball fields are spread over 5 sites, including 2 in Brussels. Paintball Brussel offers out-of-the-ordinary paintball activities, a precise estimate and Adult Paintball packages with different formulas: from Paintball Explorer to Paintball Unlimited. In addition to their private playground and their professional animator, Paintball Brussell can offer you multi-activities such as paintball accompanied by a barbecue for the purpose of the paintball team building day.

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Formula barbecue meal at 15€ / per person including : Pasta salad, 2 meats, 1 soft drink per person, bread and sauces *Barbecue available on all our Sint Pieters Leeuw sites.