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Archery, bubble soccer or paintball, we can organize the ideal day for you.

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Paintball: a popular group activity.

Having fun in groups is always fun, especially with strategy and sports games like paintball and its paintballs. It can be organized on any occasion such as birthdays, team building or even during the bachelor party for young girls and young boys. But how best to organize it? Is it dangerous ? what benefits can it provide?

Whether you are a family, friends or colleagues, paintball is a highly wagered activity for all occasions. This sports game is very privileged for a bachelor or bachelorette party event with original materials. Future newlyweds will surely have fun with out-of-the-ordinary scenarios in an outdoor or indoor field. Are you running out of ideas for a birthday present? Opt for paintball on land accompanied by a picnic or a barbecue. It’s a fun and original gift, and the prices are attractive for a group of people. Your kids will love the paintball kid birthday pack. It is also an exceptional leisure activity for the whole family. A picnic area is specially set up by most paintball parks to best satisfy its customers. Paintball offers fun for the little ones to the biggest like airsoft. Whether you are an amateur or an expert, children or adults, paintball is the flagship activity of the moment to escape. Need ideas for your group outings with friends or other collaborative activities, paintball is for you. Enjoy the moment with loved ones and take advantage of an exceptional rate as well as a ball package included in the formula. Paintball sessions can also be practiced during school holidays or family vacations.

Surprise your loved ones by organizing a paintball game. The event is original for your seminars as well as your parties. Make your reservation now. However, do you have trouble choosing the best leisure center for a game of paintball? Paintball Brussel offers you attractive prices, quality equipment and a multitude of choices of formulas corresponding to your budget. The price of paintballs is included in the formula per group of people but the paintball refill is from 7 euros for the “Paintball Explorer” up to unlimited for the “Paintball unlimited”. Thus, it interests amateurs as well as professionals like the American player Olivier Lang. The insurance of each player is also essential for the success of a paintball. Opt for sites with quality equipment and top-notch insurance. The main objective of paintball is to make players enjoy an unforgettable adventure with loved ones. The best way to achieve this is to work with professionals for the organization of the event.

Paintball is a fun and friendly confrontation. It consists of opposing two teams who will throw paintballs with different scenarios and concepts on a park. If the rules of the game are respected, paintball is not dangerous. Indeed, protective equipment is worn during the paintball activity to ensure your protection. An adjustment is also made to the markers or pistols in order to respect the ball propulsion speed standard. The quality of the paintballs is also to be taken into account in order to avoid the pinching that this could cause to the player. Hence the need for professional and well-equipped supervision to enforce safety conditions and parental authorization for children for insurance. In addition, children’s paintball is practiced in special children’s paintball fields. Paintball is then a fun activity for your groups of friends, colleagues or family. It allows you to be entertained wonderfully well with a day pass.

A game of paintball aims to weld and amuse the participants. This practice is an option that also aims to develop team spirit and strengthen cohesion. For a successful animation, it is advisable to call on qualified animators. Paintball Brussel offers you the following opportunities:

  • Professional monitors
  • 13 private playgrounds
  • Value for money
  • Wide choice of scenarios
  • Quality paintball equipment and materials (wetsuit, paintballs, mask, launcher, etc.)
  • Exceptional rates for each formula
  • Suitable for all levels
  • Insurance offered
  • Price balls included in the formula

Book now and choose the formula that suits you. In addition to these opportunities to seize, it provides you with a Barbecue. Paintball for groups: a fun sports idea for your events.

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A little hunger?

Formula barbecue meal at 15€ / per person including : Pasta salad, 2 meats, 1 soft drink per person, bread and sauces *Barbecue available on all our Sint Pieters Leeuw sites.